Becoming a DRAMA FREE being- down with the QUEENS!

drama queens

Almost every day it is confirmed that people are crazy, and truly need consistent prayer with therapy- no really they do.  This weekend I was at a gathering that was meant to be uplifting, but wasn’t able to reach its purpose because the people involved refused to allow it to happen. It wasn’t everyone but the few that did, definitely stole the show. It seemed they felt inclined to get any attention that would distract us from the reason we were all there. I set back with my husband and laughed about eighty percent of the time, attempting to not take any of the antics too seriously. We tried our best to stay on task, along with some others, who were also determined to assist the host with achieving what she planned for that day. When the room would finally calm down and get focused, a “coo- coo” clock would sound off every hour that came to a close. As playful and funny as they are, they can be equally disruptive, especially if a breakthrough is seconds from occurring.  Towards the end of the meeting, we found ourselves debating whether gray hair made someone wise or not. Soon after, the oldest people in the room began to perform, proving that it doesn’t. There definitely should have been some Oscars given out that day. The categories would have been best pretender, most negative, least accountable, and my favorite that I would have won, most engaged but not really engaged.

It got me really thinking about how many people are desperate for attention from others. Never mind if it’s negative, just as long as someone is looking at them, then their mission is accomplished. Or, they insist on being perceived the way they view themselves, no matter the cost. For example, they are fine with being thought of as rude and obnoxious, as long as people still think they are the smartest person in the room.

I also started to realize a lot of people behave in certain ways, simply because no one has ever told them not to. These people allow their insensitivity or over sensitivity make people feel threatened, and that they are not worth the trouble of being enlightened about their behavior. How many people do we have in our lives that we wish we could just keep it real with, if just for one day? Instead we get worried about their feelings and most of all the consequences to the relationship. It’s hard to point the obvious to those we love without getting sucked into their drama, and being apart of a low budget stage play. However, once the selfishness wears off and we think about what’s happening, it’s pretty sad. Just think of how many relationships these individuals may have missed out on that their personal drama prevented them from building or beginning.

And to be honest, some of those performers at the event were family members. While I can have a dramatic side when necessary, I am happy that I left the bulk of the irrational tantrums with the previous generations. They can keep it!

To see if your drama prevents friends and family from keeping it real with you, ask yourself the following:

  • How do you react when people tell you something about yourself that may not be positive?
  • Are you someone that is comfortable and open to learning the truth about yourself or are you most comfortable being in denial or not addressing it?
  • How many healthy conversations have you had with others about what you could work on? Is it routinely or rarely, and why?
  • When you enter a situation, do you add calmness or chaos?

I hope I have helped you to begin the removal of self- inflicted drama in your life. We all have bits of it to work on.

Remember…Stay a Busy Bee and share with a Bride to Be

Rachel Bryant Lundy


Rachel Bryant Lundy

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