The Irrational- Rationalization of Change

image of bird getting kicked out the nest

I need to leave, want to leave, but I’m not going to. Sound familiar? Oh how we love holding on to things we know we should be done with. That is why people often have to let us go, or something happens that leaves us feeling so disgusted that we decide to run away from it. Our attachments could be to a hairstyle, furniture, relationship, or a job. Typically, people don’t embrace change until they have to.

A lot of times we are waiting for someone else to go first before we are willing to make a move. This is particularly seen in the work place. Normally, there are numerous people unhappy with their job, and unwilling to do anything about it. These same people root for, yet resent someone that is equally dissatisfied, but taking the necessary steps to move forward. It’s not that they are invested in the next person’s future, they are just aware that when one person moves on it causes others to try and do the same. It brings hope, courage, and triggers a small revolution, eventually causing not just one person to leave but potentially a small gang.

Why is change so hard for us to do on our own? Because being comfortable is just plain yummy, and going into the unknown is scary. You cannot predict what will happen, but comfortable situations you know like the back of your hand. So much, that the so called surprises aren’t even real surprises. Although, a harsher reality could be that we are afraid of our own growth. Admitting that it is time for a change also means that it’s time for a challenge, and time to demand more from ourselves. Not to mention, change for the better takes work and effort. It will be hard updating resumes, cover letters, applying, and interviewing for a better position. It will be hard researching neighborhoods, school systems, and learning how to get financing to live in a better neighborhood. Nonetheless, the only option we have by avoiding this work is still being at the same place years from now.

We need to remember that our past and present experiences prepare us for our next ones. They are not meant to make us stagnant. We are predestined to rise to greater levels. To ensure you keep moving towards higher altitudes, try starting the following:

  • Take action by spending time everyday doing something that will help you come closer to your goals. This could be looking up business plans or finding a school you may want to attend.
  • Give yourself a dead line for when you have to meet the goal.
  • Stay consistent with your efforts. You won’t go very far being “some timey” about what you want to achieve for yourself.

I hope I have helped you to begin to force yourself up and out!


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Rachel Bryant Lundy

Rachel Bryant Lundy

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