With a surprise engagement and just six months to plan the WEDDING of her DREAMS, Rachel Bryant Lundy had plenty of reasons to feel nervous about how she would pull it off…tastefully. As life became more complicated and budgets fluctuated, she learned just how beautiful and overwhelming this occasion would prove to be. Through her relatable anecdotes and sensible reflection from trial and error, readers are empowered to AVOID the common pitfalls that many Bride to Be’s encounter on their journey to say “I DO”.

As recently seen on The Word Network, reaching over 200 countries and nearly 93 million homes in the U.S. ,Rachel’s passion is to encourage and inspire everyone she comes in contact with through her words.

She is the founder of Devoted Divas, a non profit that conducts community outreach to the homeless and under-served communities.Rachel is deeply committed to making her city, Baltimore, MD a better place to raise healthy and happy families.

Rachel loves to write about the topics that typically consume every new Bride, whether it be marraige or growth individually. This comes from her desire to give straightforward advice regarding what happens after the wedding is over and ways to enjoy life to it’s fullest.

What's Happening Now...

Currently, Rachel works for the Federal Government, where she serves the American people. She has an M.B.A. in Marketing, B.A. in English Literature, and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

Rachel is a Realtor in Baltimore, MD,  where she lives with her wonderful husband Preston Lundy, and loves all things Bridal and Fashion.