You just got SERVED!



I must say there is seldom nothing more enjoyable than having the truth come out of no where and catch people completely off guard. Couple that with an environment where it can’t be escaped from or rejected because it’s mandatory to listen makes for pure bliss. I was privy to watching this recently, and it was orchestrated in such a way that it had to have been divine intervention. I mean literally one by one a table of individuals were “read” (told about themselves), with no “clap back” (response) to be found. See, the environment did not accommodate ignorance, which in turn did not provide an opportunity for the common below the belt tactics to be used.

Whether the messenger is familiar, or someone we trust plays a major part in how receptive of the truth we tend to be. Responses like “they don’t know me”, are typically given as a defense if the person is thought to not have a full grasp of the situation to pick sides. But, what stands out to me is a messenger who may not know us at all could be the most effective with the delivery of the message. What makes them more credible is they have nothing to loose by telling you the truth. There is no emotional attachment, so they can see through a facade quicker. Often it is the people who are co-dependent on our company, our money, and resources that will most likely bend the truth to accommodate the relationship.

Being “read” has the possibility of coming at us from any angle, and from any person, at any time. Ultimately, it is up to us to decide once exposed, do we make those dreadful changes or do we stay comfortably in denial? The choice is ours. I’ve recently made a commitment to serving and being willing to be served…politely and wisely of course.

After all, it is my God given civic duty, lol.

Rachel Bryant Lundy

Rachel Bryant Lundy

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