END of YEAR Reflection: The Art of SURVIVAL



Ok, so I finally saw the movie CREED, and it quickly made me change my mind about what my Holiday/ New Year’s post would be.  Typically, as we assess how good or bad a year has been, most of us measure it by how many wins we were able to have. We tend to not want to spend time looking at the process….because it’s not so pretty. This pattern ends up enforcing behavior that encourages us to only embrace the end product, and overlook the not so glamorous work it took to get there.

The film offered numerous life lessons, but what stood out the most to me was it’s emphasis on the brutal training that is necessary to survive the beating you will inevitably encounter when you go after your dreams. Here is what I got from it.

1) Whatever belongs to you, go after it.

Don’t settle. Don’t ignore the voice inside of you that says you were meant for more. It doesn’t matter if you have to do it alone or without any resources. It doesn’t matter if people don’t get why you want to do it. It doesn’t matter if you are starting long after everyone else has begun. All that matters is that you can, so you will.

2) Being Grateful is what makes Good people, Great People.

Showing extreme gratitude can never hurt. No, it doesn’t always make things happen immediately for you. But, when it comes to a person deciding whether or not to help you, they would much rather help an appreciative individual. Being grateful shows your character, and it shows you value what the other person has to offer. You are not only happy they can help, but you are happy they have been able to acquire a skill set that can assist in what you need help with. It shows respect  for the process they had to go through. Maybe they had someone help them, but maybe they didn’t.



3) There will be situations that are designed to exploit and destroy you, so many times it’s not about winning, it’s all about surviving.

There are numerous instances when we have to prove doubters wrong. This happens when people typically underestimate the work ethic or talent a person has to see their goal to completion.  However, when it’s much more than mere opposition, when people are strategically creating a situation or a system that is not created for you to benefit, and you are able to endure, that’s when respect comes in. That is how you inspire others who also know their chances of success are slim to none to still try. There may be some that hate what you stand for, but there will also be others that need the hope that your life gives.

4) Never underestimate the ability of your life to impact another’s.

It doesn’t matter the age, status, ethnicity, or whatever differences we may have, once we come in contact with one another we can either positively add to or negatively take from each other’s lives. There is always room for more positive experiences, relationships, and accomplishments.

CREED inspired me to hold on to my dream even while I  may be getting beat up trying to accomplish it. Yes, even while there are spectators who only check to see if you have fallen, and even while everyone is cheering for the people who are against you to win. No matter what is happening, you are still supposed to fight. Because you first must survive the battle, to get to the WIN.

creed 1


Decide to celebrate all of your 2015 battles, embrace the ones that will happen in 2016, and be confident that a WIN is in your future!

Wishing you a wonderful NEW YEAR.

Rachel Bryant Lundy

Rachel Bryant Lundy

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