The Real Housewives of POTOMAC: Really?

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In the words of a notorious hater, except my feelings are genuine, “I’m not hating, I’m not hating!” I just don’t understand why the show is necessary for this caliber of women to be on.

I’m against any type of elitism. Yes, there are parts of all these reality shows that emphasize a have and have not mentality. But, this recent show specifically brings light to a supposedly well kept, small, predominately black affluent neighborhood in Potomac, MD. It’s made clear that it takes money to move in, connections to be in the “in crowd” and rules to follow to maintain it. Chile please. I would never fit in, because I would never allow myself to be dictated by other people with no true insight of their morals, and values, simply because my opinion of them is dictated by their wallet. Frankly it’s nauseating, because even though these women are “well to do”, they seem to be more controlled by the money they have with no real freedom at all.

On top of that all of the cast members look alike, except for one. It’s a little too “brown paper baggy” for me. Of course you have a woman like myself that’s in her 30’s that is extremely confident and can handle a network not choosing to look harder to have a better variety of women on the show. But, every now and again I remember the 17 year old in me that wouldn’t have taken the lack of diversity in the skin tones of black women that well. She was constantly trying to figure out where she fit in due to so many people reminding her that because of complexion and length of hair, she didn’t. That is until those same people had their own kids and what do you know….

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I’m not going to pick on anyone of these women individually in an attempt to single them out. I just wonder is this fame game and the price you pay to stay entertaining, even if you come off as the one that has the most sense out the bunch still worth it. We all know how these shows work. If you come off bad, you will look worse, and if you come off okay the plot lines in the upcoming seasons will revolve around showing how much you aren’t. Scandal keeps people watching.

Listen, I’m no dummy. I know that shows like this can often assist in the launching of make up lines, books, and clothing lines for SOME, and hopefully the business success can be for the long term. Unfortunately, for the other women who will end up being casualties of war, here’s to hoping you have a plan B.

I am ready, willing, and able to eat my words at anytime and I wish these women much success. However the trailer Bravo put together reeks of boredom, ratchery, stereotypical conversations about topics even the housewives don’t care about or else they wouldn’t be on the show. So, please don’t come for my critique, instead come for their editing. And no, I’m not expecting Bravo TV to suddenly become socially conscious, but  I do expect these women to know better because I know they do.

If given the opportunity, would I be on the show? Possibly, if I had nothing else to do. IJS.

Check out the trailer below.

Rachel Bryant Lundy

Rachel Bryant Lundy

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