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Wedding Fantasy and Reception Dreams

If you find yourself super stressed about planning the wedding of your dreams, keep in mind there is a fabulous reception that will be waiting for you.

One of the things I love most about a wedding is the ability to have two events with two different themes. Your wedding can be elegant and classy while your reception can push the envelope.

Eniko Hart, wife of Kevin Hart shows how to merge a classy wedding gown with a sexy reception dress. And since they recently celebrated there 1 year anniversary. It’s only right we feature this beautiful bride.

Happy Wedding Planning!



First, I’d like to begin thanking everyone who has followed me on my blogging journey, especially since they have been less than usual over the past few months. It’s been almost 4 years, and as I review each blog post I can see how I’ve evolved. I hope that I have positively influenced growth for you as well.

Bride Confesses started out with me solely wanting to share with you all that I learned as a newly wed along with various bridal topics. Since then, I embarked on writing and completing my upcoming book Bride Confesses: The Do’s and Don’ts of planning the wedding of your Dreams, which has taken longer than I could have imagined. This caused me to open myself up to writing about other topics that caught my attention. 

Recently, I discovered that I was correct with wanting to focus on bridal and newly wed topics, I just didn’t know it. As I’ve matured in my writing, marketing, and brand strategy it makes sense for me to go back to my first idea of mainly sharing Bridal experiences. I’m learning to be more flexible and to adjust as needed, and I really need to. Of course I will still write about what I feel has profound relevance, there will just be more of an emphasis on weddings.

So, when you see a change in the look and feel of the blog, just know that it’s the same person but in a different life chapter.

I love and appreciate everyone of you!

Rachel Bryant Lundy 




We believe Chelsea.
She’s been able to remain innocent and viewed as the pre- teen, and only child to her parents that she was when she first moved in the white house in 1993. Now as a wife with two small children, America still has a soft spot for Chelsea Clinton.

We all know that currently Chelsea is not a politician, it was a smart move to avoid a speech based on policy and promises that would have been of no effect. The campaign chose to go with a speech from the heart and it was a success. I was a ball of emotion as I listened and it completely took me by surprise. I am amazed at what honesty and meekness can say that bravado will never be able to. There’s nothing like a daughter talking about her mama, and letting you in on the stuff you don’t get to see. Daughters truly know what their mothers go through. They see the very high highs and the very low lows.

While daughters adore their dad from the moment we know they will spoil us rotten, it’s not tell we are actually older that we begin to have respect and pride for our mom. We begin to empathize with how it feels to not be paid fairly, but have to work the same job just as hard if not harder. We know how it feels to be resented for our brains. We know how it feels to want to raise a family, while also wanting to build something of our own in the world.  And, we know how it feels to dare go after dreams that are typically reserved for men.

As much as America loves business, money, and fame, we secretly know life isn’t about those things, and they have their place. We know that keeping a family together through betrayal and financial hardship trumps all. Chelsea’s speech showed us her mom’s priorities, her vulnerabilities, and how she handled her failures.



Chelsea’s speech didn’t need to have policy, or put rivals in their place, her mother was going to do that. Her speech just had to be honest, because let’s face it, there is no competition when anyone has something great to say about their mom.

Years ago, as I watched the Clintons exit the White House as the Bushes entered in, I never would have thought Hilary would be back.  But, she fought her way back in. She became a Senator, lost her first presidential election, and then became Secretary of State.

Hilary waited her turn, and now we will have a woman in the White House as President.



Rachel Bryant Lundy

BUFFOONERY: It’s Levels to this


melania 3


I was in a state of awe, shock, sublime hilarity, and offense at the news about Mrs. Trump plagiarism earlier in the week.  But, what “urked” me the most was the arrogant attitude from the rest of the Trumps’ over the mishap. Instead of even pretending to have some humility they  went with the don’t bother asking me about it, and questioning what screw up everyone was talking about approach. A couple days later we suddenly hear that a person takes responsibility for writing the speech, who supposedly has a prior relationship with Donald Trump with the writing of his books. This person also conveniently says they attempted to resign from whatever the position they have at Trump Inc., but Trump was gracious enough to not hear of it because everyone makes mistakes. So let me get this straight, you want us to believe that a real writer forgot to remove quotes of someone else’s speech or a real writer mistakenly gave the OK to use someone else’s work? How Sway?

And we’re also  supposed to forget that Mrs. Trump threw out the original speech that was given to her, presumably because of its complexity and lack of grit and heart felt emotion. Then she deliberately took parts of Michelle Obama’s speech and added it to hers. She actually believed that it would be OK and that no one would notice. This is not the kind of First Lady I want. Not only is she lacking character, she is lacking logic. In addition, she seems to be unaware of academic standards in the United States of America that are used in middle school . This debacle, along with the many others pose too many red flags for a Presidency. But, I guess because it’s her and because it’s the Trumps, it’s ok? Again, the arrogance and entitlement is infuriating. Maybe they think admitting your wrong is a sign of weakness, which I’m sure will take our country far if given the opportunity?

melania trump


Check out Trump’s Campaign strategy on handling Mistakes

1) Lay low, real low for atleast a day after a scandal breaks out
2) Ignore diplomacy, ignore apology
3) Deny, Deny ,Deny
4) Get a fall guy
5) Spin things so you will seem victimized but still a good sport about the situation
6) Show up the next day looking as if nothing ever happened
7) Even better show up the next day with a kid so critical opinions about your mistake will be minimalized
8) Move on because in your mind  it never happened= no harm, no foul

Though try as they may, buffoons always outsmart themselves, and burn the wrong bridges. Those who they seek to emulate in the most narcissistic and disingenuous ways they are never quite able to become. Melania Trump’s inability to fess up to outright stealing from Mrs. Obama without ever acknowledging it, or giving feelings of the slightest apology  for the confusion it has caused proved that she will never be able to be Mrs. Obama…..and will eventually LEVEL off the edge of the cliff. Hopefully, we won’t have to watch.


Costing someone the Presidential election, throwing out a speech that was already written for you, and saying it out t loud is grounds for divorce lol, or maybe just good karma.

melania 2


Rachel Bryant Lundy