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BUFFOONERY: It’s Levels to this


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I was in a state of awe, shock, sublime hilarity, and offense at the news about Mrs. Trump plagiarism earlier in the week.  But, what “urked” me the most was the arrogant attitude from the rest of the Trumps’ over the mishap. Instead of even pretending to have some humility they  went with the don’t bother asking me about it, and questioning what screw up everyone was talking about approach. A couple days later we suddenly hear that a person takes responsibility for writing the speech, who supposedly has a prior relationship with Donald Trump with the writing of his books. This person also conveniently says they attempted to resign from whatever the position they have at Trump Inc., but Trump was gracious enough to not hear of it because everyone makes mistakes. So let me get this straight, you want us to believe that a real writer forgot to remove quotes of someone else’s speech or a real writer mistakenly gave the OK to use someone else’s work? How Sway?

And we’re also  supposed to forget that Mrs. Trump threw out the original speech that was given to her, presumably because of its complexity and lack of grit and heart felt emotion. Then she deliberately took parts of Michelle Obama’s speech and added it to hers. She actually believed that it would be OK and that no one would notice. This is not the kind of First Lady I want. Not only is she lacking character, she is lacking logic. In addition, she seems to be unaware of academic standards in the United States of America that are used in middle school . This debacle, along with the many others pose too many red flags for a Presidency. But, I guess because it’s her and because it’s the Trumps, it’s ok? Again, the arrogance and entitlement is infuriating. Maybe they think admitting your wrong is a sign of weakness, which I’m sure will take our country far if given the opportunity?

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Check out Trump’s Campaign strategy on handling Mistakes

1) Lay low, real low for atleast a day after a scandal breaks out
2) Ignore diplomacy, ignore apology
3) Deny, Deny ,Deny
4) Get a fall guy
5) Spin things so you will seem victimized but still a good sport about the situation
6) Show up the next day looking as if nothing ever happened
7) Even better show up the next day with a kid so critical opinions about your mistake will be minimalized
8) Move on because in your mind  it never happened= no harm, no foul

Though try as they may, buffoons always outsmart themselves, and burn the wrong bridges. Those who they seek to emulate in the most narcissistic and disingenuous ways they are never quite able to become. Melania Trump’s inability to fess up to outright stealing from Mrs. Obama without ever acknowledging it, or giving feelings of the slightest apology  for the confusion it has caused proved that she will never be able to be Mrs. Obama…..and will eventually LEVEL off the edge of the cliff. Hopefully, we won’t have to watch.


Costing someone the Presidential election, throwing out a speech that was already written for you, and saying it out t loud is grounds for divorce lol, or maybe just good karma.

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Rachel Bryant Lundy


America: Don’t get on our Bad side


Let me just say this, any statements that directly say or infer hurt and offense to anyone based on their ethnicity is wrong. If you can’t make your point without insult, it is always best to keep your mouth shut, and open it up when you can.

With that being said, America, really? Our Presidents have been slave owners simply for their own financial gain. And, just fine with the management of Jim Crow laws running our country to keep minority’s in a state of fear and poverty after slavery, so please miss me with our Leaders suddenly having to be impeccable on how they view anyone, or needing to have real concern with how people are treated fairly in business and education. Oh yes America, I’ve got some questions for you, your hypocrisy, and attempts to destroy Donald Trump.

First, when did it become acceptable to take away everything someone has worked for because we don’t like what they said, just to prove the point that we can. It’s like we know we can’t physically kill you, so instead we will annihilate you in every other way possible. When we are done with you, you won’t have any friends, businesses, and no one will even want to be seen with you. Yea, we love you when your doing good, but one bad move, and it’s over. Sorry folks, but I’m really leery about getting any kind of praise from America. I don’t know if it’s worth it. This kind of punishment feels cruel and cold.

Secondly, are these other businesses that recently ended ties with Trump really interested in the needs of any minority or underprivileged group? Or, is this incident just a convenient way for them to capitalize from what he said, use it to get free press, and out of an unbeneficial contract when in fact they really are indifferent to it all. I mean have we seen NBC’s television line up since FOREVER. It doesn’t seem like they are to concerned with inclusion or fairness. In fact, Trumps show, The Apprentice may be it’s most diverse show.

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Lastly, I question if Trump was instructed that in announcing his new ambition, he shouldn’t try to get high ratings, or the same amount of attention as compared to his other business ventures. Politics typically gives off the appearance of being entered into strategically and slowly, even if it has been planned years in advance. Politicians learn early they don’t need to say how they really feel about a group or race, because they have the power to keep the legal, financial, and education system exactly the way they want it to be, no matter anyone’s opinion.

The fact that Trump is loosing so much personally and has yet to withdraw his candidacy, shouldn’t be overlooked. I know many of us don’t want to look at the other side of things, but I can’t think of any Presidential nominee that has lossed as much, simply for wanting to lead the country.

This isn’t about who gets to run and be President. It’s more about how we treat people when they are no longer convenient. The “if you’re a problem, we will send you back” mentality is what we say we’re against, but we are displaying the opposite.
Just as Trump callously often tosses people out his boardroom, and doesn’t accept their excuses for poor execution, maybe it’s karma. Or, maybe we as a country don’t want to do the hard work to fix issues with inequality, poverty, racism, sexism, and would rather do the easy thing, which is to pick on someone that everybody else is picking on.

Business as usual.

Rachel Bryant Lundy