First, I’d like to begin thanking everyone who has followed me on my blogging journey, especially since they have been less than usual over the past few months. It’s been almost 4 years, and as I review each blog post I can see how I’ve evolved. I hope that I have positively influenced growth for you as well.

Bride Confesses started out with me solely wanting to share with you all that I learned as a newly wed along with various bridal topics. Since then, I embarked on writing and completing my upcoming book Bride Confesses: The Do’s and Don’ts of planning the wedding of your Dreams, which has taken longer than I could have imagined. This caused me to open myself up to writing about other topics that caught my attention. 

Recently, I discovered that I was correct with wanting to focus on bridal and newly wed topics, I just didn’t know it. As I’ve matured in my writing, marketing, and brand strategy it makes sense for me to go back to my first idea of mainly sharing Bridal experiences. I’m learning to be more flexible and to adjust as needed, and I really need to. Of course I will still write about what I feel has profound relevance, there will just be more of an emphasis on weddings.

So, when you see a change in the look and feel of the blog, just know that it’s the same person but in a different life chapter.

I love and appreciate everyone of you!

Rachel Bryant Lundy 

Rachel Bryant Lundy

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