The SCARIEST Word of All



Change, whoever thought that the truth would be necessary to do it? To be honest with you, I didn’t. This could be why in the past the change I’ve claimed I wanted never happened. I wasn’t intentionally lying to myself about what I needed to do differently, I just chose to believe what I was most comfortable admitting. Thankfully, when you are truly desperate and determined to put an end to what has been holding you back, any previous commitments to false reasoning is significantly weakened.

To purposefully embark on this journey, a healthy dose of ego checking is crucial. See, even if change promises immediate improvement in our lives, we still have to admit that for some time we have been doing things the wrong way, or there was a better way to do them. This can be very hard to accept, especially considering the amount of time we possibly spent convincing ourselves that our previous choices were justified. Not to mention, all the people that we defended ourselves to now will have the privilege of watching us eat our words…ouch. On the other hand, how many times have we decided to stay the same after we knew better,  just to avoid criticism, and be able to continue giving the impression that we weren’t wrong? Too many.

When considering moving forward with change, it is easy to be discouraged at the thought of any uncomfortable moments that may lie ahead. Do not be intimidated by them, there is too much to be gained. The fact is that when you decide to change for the better, you inspire others to as well. It takes a lot of courage to grow in an area that many assumed would never be possible.

Taking this step shows that we are no longer willing to not hold ourselves accountable to fixing what we know we should.  And, that we won’t be controlled by the opinions of people, or what is convenient. Yes, committing to change will require us to do things differently when we are scared, tired, and just plain don’t want to. But each time we do, we become stronger, and ultimately victorious in an area that once had us defeated.


Rachel Bryant Lundy

Mastering how to Perform under Pressure

Diamond DeSheilds, Heather Butler, Ashia Jones, Elizabeth Masengil


Everyone loves having a home court advantage. Typically, it’s where we feel the most comfortable, it’s familiar, and people know and like us. We can always count on it being a supportive environment. But, being in one is not possible all the time. There will be numerous situations where we will find ourselves outnumbered, overwhelmed, and uncertain of our abilities. Nevertheless, we still have to do our best in the midst of it all. The best thing about high pressure situations like those is they allow you to find inner strength, and become dependent on yourself rather than outside sources.

In order to perform under tremendous pressure, you have to stay focused. You cannot forget your purpose and the reason you decided to embark on the challenge. Keep this in the front of your mind at all times. Additionally, you will have to take extreme measures to maintain composure in stressful and frustrating moments. There is no doubt that while you are under pressure there will be plenty of antagonist (haters) that say things to distract, disturb, or provoke to make you forget what your purpose is. Don’t fall for it or sink to their level. Being able to control how you respond when upset will prove to be an advantage over others that haven’t learned to.

Also, remember any uncomfortable feelings that you experience are temporary. These encounters are making you better and stronger. The more practice you get at this, the less likely you will be caught off guard when you have to do it again. Most importantly, don’t take opposition while being under pressure personally. Often the problem isn’t you specifically, it’s what you represent. Realize there will always be someone or something against what you stand for.

The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory….if we don’t explode.

Here’s to your next win!

Rachel Bryant Lundy

Time Management: A Foundation for 2015 Success



I’m happy to say the first week of the New Year was a productive one. As planned, I continued to expand on the efforts I started in 2014. However, I am realistic enough to know if I want this year to come close to what I would like, I’m going to need to become even more proactive and diligent with how I spend my time. Time Management is a topic I always come back to because routinely our schedules and priorities change and need to be reviewed.

It’s purpose is to ensure you are maximizing all the hours given in a day. The first step is to be honest with yourself about the time you have available. Then, figure out when you are the most productive. You may want to do things the last hour before you go to bed, but if you do your worst work late at night, then planning to do stuff at that time isn’t smart. Next, decide to prioritize or you will go crazy attempting to do everything. For example, ask yourself what are the most important items you must get done first, and what may also be important, but has less urgency or requires less time?

Time Management sounds like a simple concept, but doing it well demands major sacrifice. Often you will have to choose doing work at lunch, instead of hanging out with your co- workers. You may have to spend your evenings busy, instead of lying on the couch soaking up the latest reality t.v. drama. On the other hand, the alternative of choosing to be idle in these hours will prove to be a waste of your time and talent. My suggestion is to make a schedule for all 7 days of the week based on the hours you have free, and fill it in with the activities that best fit those times. If maintaining this process proves to be a challenge at first, that’s ok. Sticking to it will eventually get you in the habit of doing things as they have been arranged.

Finally, don’t forget to inform friends and family of your schedule changes so they can be supportive of it, and understand why you may no longer be as accessible. It’s only the second week in the New Year, if we set the right foundation down we are able to lay the groundwork that will allow us to have an awesome 2015.



Let’s get it started!


Rachel Bryant Lundy


no change


This is the most excited and peaceful I’ve ever felt about a year coming to an end, with a new one beginning. It is probably because I don’t want to radically transform my life. I’m only interested in progress connected to what I’ve already started, and growth from lessons learned. When put that way, there is a lot less pressure I feel on becoming the person that I will eventually be. While there is never a more opportune time than a new year to give us motivation to let go of what has proven to not be beneficial, there are plenty of valuable experiences from 2014 that I am taking with me.

It’s true that planning what you want to be different in 2015 is a practical approach to having this year be better than the last. But, I also want to encourage you to equally reflect on what you have made improvement in that is helping you at this very moment. It is important to acknowledge how much we have evolved and that we are on the right track. Many of us have developed the ability to thrive in dysfunction and survive major setbacks that could have broken weaker people, and that should be recognized.

There will always be room for improvement in one area or another, so I’m not concerned with the symbolism of getting a clean slate or a fresh start. It may be a new year, but I am simply picking up where 2014 left off.

That makes me happier than any resolution I could make.



Happy New Year!

Rachel Bryant Lundy