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This is the most excited and peaceful I’ve ever felt about a year coming to an end, with a new one beginning. It is probably because I don’t want to radically transform my life. I’m only interested in progress connected to what I’ve already started, and growth from lessons learned. When put that way, there is a lot less pressure I feel on becoming the person that I will eventually be. While there is never a more opportune time than a new year to give us motivation to let go of what has proven to not be beneficial, there are plenty of valuable experiences from 2014 that I am taking with me.

It’s true that planning what you want to be different in 2015 is a practical approach to having this year be better than the last. But, I also want to encourage you to equally reflect on what you have made improvement in that is helping you at this very moment. It is important to acknowledge how much we have evolved and that we are on the right track. Many of us have developed the ability to thrive in dysfunction and survive major setbacks that could have broken weaker people, and that should be recognized.

There will always be room for improvement in one area or another, so I’m not concerned with the symbolism of getting a clean slate or a fresh start. It may be a new year, but I am simply picking up where 2014 left off.

That makes me happier than any resolution I could make.



Happy New Year!

Rachel Bryant Lundy