The Power of FUN to Complete your Goals


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Why do people root for the bad guys in movies? Why do some people pick a life style of illegal activity? Why do some people choose professions that may have a huge monetary reward, but will inevitably leave them unfulfilled? Some will say it’s because many lack morals and guidance. But a simpler explanation for the attraction is bad guys always seem to look like they are having more fun than everyone else. The allure of fun is typically how most of us learn of or become interested in certain businesses. The level of happiness people display, are excellent representations of how successful we deem them to be. We don’t want to be apart of the boring and grumpy crowd, we want to be around exciting, fun, and upbeat people. The potential of being able to have fun is extremely motivating.

With competing demands it can be very hard to complete things we want to do, while trying to inspire ourselves to do the stuff we don’t like, which is usually no fun at all. Recently, my husband and I discussed our future business plans, but oddly we weren’t excited. This didn’t make any sense because we were not embarking on plans that were not apart of our God given gifts and talents. So, what had stolen our joy about these endeavors?

We figured out it was because we were too busy focused on the outcome, and were beginning to forget about how exciting and fun these ventures were going to be. These self-sabotaging feelings often come before any of us have given ideas a real chance to materialize. Too often we can begin to view something that was once fun as a chore. Little by little our fears and unrealistic expectations can trick us out of being happy that we are moving forward, and taking the necessary steps to fulfill our dreams.

Remember, while every part of a project or business may not be exciting, you should anticipate doing the things you love. Don’t let the idea of hard work or the inability to predict how things will turn out steal your joy.

To keep the good times rolling while working to accomplish your goals, try reminding yourself to do the following until it becomes a habit:

  • Enjoy yourself as much as possible while undertaking tedious, but necessary activities.
  • No matter the challenges, stay encouraged, and keep in mind why you wanted to do this in the first place.
  • Do your best, have fun, and don’t be overly focused on the outcome.


Remember……Stay a Busy Bee and Share with a Bride to Be


Rachel Bryant Lundy

Rachel Bryant Lundy

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