So, I’ve just been livin’, hopin’, wishin’, and prayin’ these last 2 months while working 7 days a week so SOME of my dreams can come true. The attention span of an artist coupled with the patience needed to bring a vision to pass don’t always see eye to eye.  The one thing I’ve continuously been able to do that distracts me from how busy I am is indulging in reality television. Specifically, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It never fails to give me something to talk about with a co – worker on Mondays, and to shine a light on how far we’ve come as women. But, unfortunately it also shows how in many areas we insist on going backwards. And, not just a little backwards, but almost ALL the way back to KINDERGARTEN.



With that in mind, I ask these questions.
Is it too much as women to not slander someone just because they can’t be manipulated by us? Is it too much to not conveniently revert back to playing the victim when our hands are dirty? Is it too much to have money and integrity? Is it too much to just say sorry.

Must we have high end wardrobes with low budget character? Must we lash out at those around us instead of truly dealing with the pain that is slowly eating away at our hearts? Must we continue to view having love and compassion as traits that only the weak possess? Must we publicly embarrass ourselves after realizing the FLAWED person we’ve worked so hard to hide has been visible to everyone else the whole time?

If so, I’m afraid for our households, classrooms, and work places. Not only are we watching what it looks like when people accept no responsibility for their actions, we are also learning how to boldly and defiantly stand in the middle of our garbage that we’ve created and not ever be able to admit that we STINK.

Rachel Bryant- Lundy

Rachel Bryant Lundy

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  1. I think accountability is a huge component in any relationship/friendship. You have to be humble enough to own your mistakes and apologize. Black women struggle with that. Whenever we have felt wronged or been hurt a lot of the time our instinct is to attack. We all make mistakes. We all hurt. Setting aside pride could mend and build a lot of relationships.

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