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The Brightest Light BURNS Half as long

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All Eyez on Me, opened to $27 million this past weekend. The movie was so popular in my city (Baltimore) that we had to leave the first movie theater we went to because all showings were sold out.

I won’t be nearly as critical as some are about the film. I’m just happy a decent movie got made about him, with the exception of Jada Pinkett- Smith’s role. Sorry, but young Jada had a real edge to her. She had charisma and boldness, and in the 3 or 4 scenes that included her, it wasn’t portrayed.

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After watching the Tupac movie, it’s obvious that his talent made him a target. It’s because he was a bright light, he DIDN’T get a chance to burn. Someone was always trying to blow him out. Whether it was a record label, movie studio, lawyers, groupies, a club promoter, or jealous ones, Tupac had no choice to become a slave to his talent. Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

While we all know the end of his story ends tragically, it’s still hard to believe all he accomplished by the age of 25. It’s also hard to believe how much of a threat your success can be to the people around you. If they can’t control you or keep you in servitude, they no longer are willing to let your light shine.

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If I could speak to a young Tupac, I would encourage him to discover how to manage his passion for justice and his desire to be heard, instead of being managed by it. Without a doubt, I’m grateful for his impact and influence on music, but I would have reminded him that slow and steady moves with the right people is far better than fast moves with the wrong ones. I would also tell him that while he might be a musical genius, he’s still only human. A little spiritual guidance would have gone a long way.

Rachel Bryant Lundy





So, I’ve just been livin’, hopin’, wishin’, and prayin’ these last 2 months while working 7 days a week so SOME of my dreams can come true. The attention span of an artist coupled with the patience needed to bring a vision to pass don’t always see eye to eye.  The one thing I’ve continuously been able to do that distracts me from how busy I am is indulging in reality television. Specifically, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It never fails to give me something to talk about with a co – worker on Mondays, and to shine a light on how far we’ve come as women. But, unfortunately it also shows how in many areas we insist on going backwards. And, not just a little backwards, but almost ALL the way back to KINDERGARTEN.



With that in mind, I ask these questions.
Is it too much as women to not slander someone just because they can’t be manipulated by us? Is it too much to not conveniently revert back to playing the victim when our hands are dirty? Is it too much to have money and integrity? Is it too much to just say sorry.

Must we have high end wardrobes with low budget character? Must we lash out at those around us instead of truly dealing with the pain that is slowly eating away at our hearts? Must we continue to view having love and compassion as traits that only the weak possess? Must we publicly embarrass ourselves after realizing the FLAWED person we’ve worked so hard to hide has been visible to everyone else the whole time?

If so, I’m afraid for our households, classrooms, and work places. Not only are we watching what it looks like when people accept no responsibility for their actions, we are also learning how to boldly and defiantly stand in the middle of our garbage that we’ve created and not ever be able to admit that we STINK.

Rachel Bryant- Lundy

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PERSONALITY- Chile pleez get you some



I’ve taken away so much from all that has happened the last few months. But, as I laid on my bed watching the first dance of our new President and First Lady at the Inauguration Ball, I couldn’t help but to feel a little uninspired. And, as the Vice President and his wife, followed by the Trump and Pence children with their spouses arrived on the stage, it all seemed so somber and frankly stiff, very, very, stiff. I guess the reason I was so disappointed while watching was I knew nothing impromptu, silly, or romantic would ever happen with this group. Nope. Nothing real, authentic, or slightly relatable. It felt like the world was truly on the outside looking in on this exclusive group, while it should have been them showing how much they wanted to be “in” with us. I don’t mean to sound like I’m judging billionaires, but since I don’t know any personally this is all I have to go by. I really couldn’t believe no one on that stage with all that money had any charisma. Although, I was certainly grateful to Ivanka Trump for giving us something to hang onto as she slayed in her gown of glory. Thank you.



As much as we shouldn’t be a personality driven society, you really don’t know how much a good one matters until you are surrounded by a bad one.  Like most of us I’m continuing to grow, and while I’ve always acknowledged the factor charisma plays in people obtaining success in the public sector, I never wanted to place significant importance on it. I never wanted to seem shallow. But, I’m afraid to say that my disdain for people who resent those that do have a great personality, who choose to take the easy route and copy or attach itself to a great personality (a leech), or who have decided to forego having one at all has only gotten stronger.

I appreciate people that appreciate the liberty they have to discover and create- oneself. Take my husband for example, he used to love suits, but now not as much. He’s evolving and I respect that. It’s not a life changing decision, but it’s one that he’s decided is important to him in regards to how he presents his self. So, why shouldn’t he explore this change in his personality that is allowing him to take more risk and be more confident, even though he’s fine just the way he is? Why shouldn’t he explore more parts of himself that make him happy? Why don’t people with all they have and don’t have, with all they are and are not decide to explore themselves and develop what they want to or should expand on so they can be INTERESTING?



As I watched Melania Trump look flawless in every way imaginable, my mind drifted off into thinking about other things. Mainly, the fact that we will have to watch this regime for the next four years. That’s like forty in boring years.  Then, I went back to thinking about Melania, and came to the realization that as perfect as her perfection was…. it just wasn’t enough.

Rachel Bryant Lundy




Twenty six years ago Michel’le unsuspectedly took the music scene by storm selling 1.3 million records, making a gold album, and giving us top 10 bill board hits. She filled a gap with her powerful vocals and  sweet girl next door persona. Her biopic, “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge, and Me” gives us the behind the scenes look of what was really going on in the R and B fairytale that was projected in music videos.

If you’ve ever been tormented by someone who was supposed to protect you, if you’ve ever had people know you were being abused but found it inconvenient to stick up for you, if you’ve ever been the most talented one in the room, yet the weakest, and if you’ve never had the confidence to believe you could handle life on your own, then you can relate to the story of Michel’le. The biopic tells how abuse, jealousy, and control can destroy the surest dream. Specifically, we see the abuse coming from the hands of Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. Dre denies these allegations, but not the other instances he has been charged and sued for beating a woman, journalist Dee Barnes being one of them. But, mainly he’s able to still dispute the violence he allegedly inflicted onto Michel’le because she never pressed any charges.



Over the weekend, I’ve read numerous articles about the biopic that aired on Saturday. One of them criticized the piece as not giving us more of her music or showing how she overcame the hand she had been dealt. Basically saying, where is the Tina Turner in you girl? Where are the sold out arenas filled with your fans singing your greatest hits?  And, it really got under my skin. I ask this, have you not considered that they weren’t able to gain legal access to all the material she recorded which is why they chose to reenact certain videos or sing a track without background vocals? Secondly, keep in mind that she had no connections outside of the hip hop circle that surrounded her. Not to mention if anyone was able to help they were probably too scared to do anything. Her ex’s were some of the most powerful men in the industry, and were known to injure and murder. Yes, she has done a stint on reality television and has recently been able to tour, but her book and these relationships in the biopic is how she is overcoming. The telling of her side of the story is enabling her come back.



She was essentially the R and B chick in a rap group before we knew you had to have a R and B or rap chick in a group to be marketable. Rap had not barely touched the surface in crossover appeal. She cannot come close to having the opportunities as Tina Turner who has always been a part of the rock and roll music genre. There was no last name to keep because Dr. Dre never married her and Suge Knight never legally did. By the time she may have been ready to come back out, her audience had moved on and weren’t waiting with open arms to receive her. Her career was brought to a standstill before she could ever solidify herself as a legend. Although the era that she was a part of was ground breaking, especially with her being the original R and B female paired with gangsta rap, she would never be able to take part of it. Unlike Tina Turner, there are no Grammy awards, no Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, no Grammy Hall of Fame and, no Star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.



But, we still owe Michel’le a lot. All the Foxy Brown’s, Lil Kim’s, Eve’s, Nicki Minaj’s and Olivia’s copied off the model that Michel’le gave us. We’ve learned from her mistakes and now it’s time for all of us to celebrate her success.


Rachel Bryant Lundy