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I’ve been tired (please excuse my absence).

My city is sad, my country is sad.

I’ve been uninspired.  

Regard for the human life feels like it’s nowhere in sight, so let me just dive right in.

The right to bear arms dates back to the bill of rights from 1689. Overtime it has been added to numerous constitutions. On July 4th 1776, America was founded, and the right to bear arms was a part of our constitution. Just imagine how 18th century America was, as more people populated the landscape from Europe, as Native Americans were fighting to maintain their land, and as Africans were being displaced into it. You can imagine how the right to bear arms would be crucial to maintaining freedom, your home, protection from wild life, and dominance in society. Whoever had arms possessed the right to…. live. Now a days, it is a luxury, not a necessity.

While I am still in shock from the lives that have been taken, I want to approach tragedy of the mass shooting in the Orlando Night Club, Pulse with logic and rational thinking.  

A way to ensure the likelihood of this not happening again is to CHANGE THE LAWS. Shouldn’t “we the people” demand that laws are updated to reflect the times? As much as we all want to buy whatever we want, whenever we want, shouldn’t we be concerned with the greater good of society and not self? And, shouldn’t we not overlook that until the murderer carried out this unthinkable act, he hadn’t broken any laws. He was even investigated by the FBI more than once, and still getting an assault rifle was not against the law.  

Without a doubt, the amount of people murdered at one time increases the impact that is felt, because instead of mourning one, you are mourning several. However, we should be just as outraged by the murder of a person, or two, or three that happen every day in American cities. With all respect, I ask you is there any difference in a mass shooting of 50 people versus 150, or 300 lives killed yearly in one city? No, all of these instances should not be tolerated. If we don’t fix the route of this epidemic, we will become a country that choses it’s leaders out of fear. These leaders don’t bring progression, they bring tyranny.

I am praying for those that lost loved ones, but I am praying for a country to no longer react from horrors, but decide to actually prevent them.

Rachel Bryant Lundy