Peace on Earth & Goodwill?



Hmmmm peace, what exactly is that? And, why do some people radiate with what I think it is, while others entire being screams the opposite? Well, peace can mean something different for all of us. For me, it is a state of inner wellbeing that promotes clarity, satisfaction, and assuredness. The actions that I display on the outside, usually reflects the amount of peace I feel on the inside. I’m beginning to think it is the same for most of us.

One matter I have noticed that tends to bring the most interruption to this peace is how we’ve handled our past, mainly our bad decisions. Did we find strength to move past them, and use what we have learned to our advantage so our future will be better? Or, did we allow it to paralyze us, give away our ability to have the life we desire, and deeply resent others who dared to not be defeated by theirs? As of late I have less tolerance of those who made some bad choices, have consciously chosen to not be at peace with themselves and move forward, and who take out their frustration on anyone else around them that has.

Peace balances us. It makes our best parts shine the brightest, and minimizes the areas that don’t as much. It also allows you to see past yourself, realize your actions affect others, and that it’s not all about you. Peace helps you to be good to yourself and show others how you deserve to be treated. With it you are unstoppable, without it you are doomed. When you have this inner peace, it is typically also shown by extending good will towards men because there is not a focus on fear, anger, and regret. Basically peaceful people aren’t haters. I truly believe that it is doable for each of us to work towards finding our inner peace, and that it’s not too much to ask.

Yep, if I could give one thing to each person, peace would be it. I think it would make all the difference in the world.



Rachel Bryant Lundy