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Wedding Fantasy and Reception Dreams

If you find yourself super stressed about planning the wedding of your dreams, keep in mind there is a fabulous reception that will be waiting for you.

One of the things I love most about a wedding is the ability to have two events with two different themes. Your wedding can be elegant and classy while your reception can push the envelope.

Eniko Hart, wife of Kevin Hart shows how to merge a classy wedding gown with a sexy reception dress. And since they recently celebrated there 1 year anniversary. It’s only right we feature this beautiful bride.

Happy Wedding Planning!



First, I’d like to begin thanking everyone who has followed me on my blogging journey, especially since they have been less than usual over the past few months. It’s been almost 4 years, and as I review each blog post I can see how I’ve evolved. I hope that I have positively influenced growth for you as well.

Bride Confesses started out with me solely wanting to share with you all that I learned as a newly wed along with various bridal topics. Since then, I embarked on writing and completing my upcoming book Bride Confesses: The Do’s and Don’ts of planning the wedding of your Dreams, which has taken longer than I could have imagined. This caused me to open myself up to writing about other topics that caught my attention. 

Recently, I discovered that I was correct with wanting to focus on bridal and newly wed topics, I just didn’t know it. As I’ve matured in my writing, marketing, and brand strategy it makes sense for me to go back to my first idea of mainly sharing Bridal experiences. I’m learning to be more flexible and to adjust as needed, and I really need to. Of course I will still write about what I feel has profound relevance, there will just be more of an emphasis on weddings.

So, when you see a change in the look and feel of the blog, just know that it’s the same person but in a different life chapter.

I love and appreciate everyone of you!

Rachel Bryant Lundy 

The Brightest Light BURNS Half as long

tupac 1


All Eyez on Me, opened to $27 million this past weekend. The movie was so popular in my city (Baltimore) that we had to leave the first movie theater we went to because all showings were sold out.

I won’t be nearly as critical as some are about the film. I’m just happy a decent movie got made about him, with the exception of Jada Pinkett- Smith’s role. Sorry, but young Jada had a real edge to her. She had charisma and boldness, and in the 3 or 4 scenes that included her, it wasn’t portrayed.

tupac 3.jpg


After watching the Tupac movie, it’s obvious that his talent made him a target. It’s because he was a bright light, he DIDN’T get a chance to burn. Someone was always trying to blow him out. Whether it was a record label, movie studio, lawyers, groupies, a club promoter, or jealous ones, Tupac had no choice to become a slave to his talent. Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

While we all know the end of his story ends tragically, it’s still hard to believe all he accomplished by the age of 25. It’s also hard to believe how much of a threat your success can be to the people around you. If they can’t control you or keep you in servitude, they no longer are willing to let your light shine.

tupac 4


If I could speak to a young Tupac, I would encourage him to discover how to manage his passion for justice and his desire to be heard, instead of being managed by it. Without a doubt, I’m grateful for his impact and influence on music, but I would have reminded him that slow and steady moves with the right people is far better than fast moves with the wrong ones. I would also tell him that while he might be a musical genius, he’s still only human. A little spiritual guidance would have gone a long way.

Rachel Bryant Lundy