It seems whether it takes only four seasons or six, what you do will eventually come to the surface. Even if we have been watching the entire time and think we can predict what will happen next, the harsh truth seems to always take us by surprise. And no matter the act, a lot of us feel like the punishment is too severe for the crime. We feel because we have seen so much of the lives of our favorite characters, that we “get” them and completely understand why they made those detrimental choices. If only we could speak to the judge on their behalf.

Maybe that is the main reason we feel so bad? Because for a brief moment, we were let in on a lifestyle that seems so far away. Their mannerisms and dysfunction trick us into thinking they are just like us, so there is a possibility we could be closer to them than we think. And now we are disappointed, because our fantasy has come to a screeching halt, abruptly showing us that this was play and not for real.

We vicariously watch them build enormous homes, and purchase expensive cars. We watch them throw lavish events for their babies they will never remember. We watch them carelessly begin and end business deals and relationships with little consequence. We watch them fight as if that is the normal way to handle disagreements, and anything different is auditioning for saint hood. But this change of events now has us asking if there are repercussions for their bad behavior, what could happen to us if we make mistakes? If things don’t go as planned for them, with every resource at their disposal, what will happen to our dreams of being rich and famous? One will have to conclude that having the latest fashions, quick wit, work ethic and connections, won’t always keep you from paying the consequences of bad choices.

I challenge all of us to let this reality truly sink in. Along with the fact that the “powers that be” will certainly allow you to continue entertaining the masses, while they are preparing your fate. And, the entertainment industry will continue to make money off of you, whether or not they are aware of how your end will be. Because no matter the ending, they win regardless. If you beat the system, keep your family, or write another tell all book, they benefit. If you end up heart broken, and loose everything, they still win. Good or bad, your story makes for high ratings.

While it may not sound like it, I am by no means throwing shade on the “good life”, those that “make it”, or happy about any of their misfortune. I am actually saddened by it because the people experiencing these challenges happen to be some of my favorite characters from the Real Housewives franchise. However, no matter how much I enjoy watching them, I am very careful to not confuse the consistent images they represent with the truth.



These recent reminders of all that glitters not being gold, begs the question what price are we willing to pay for fortune and fame? If we are not sure of the answer, it will be decided for us. And, if you choose to follow their fantasy, you may find yourself in some situations that your real connections, friends, and family are unequipped to handle.


Rachel Bryant Lundy



Rachel Bryant Lundy

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