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SLAM Dunk for Nonsense: The Impact of Basket Ball Wives

basketball wives 2

(Photo : VH1)

Yes, I watched the reunion last night, and have been able to catch a few episodes this season. Yes, I question myself for watching it while I’m watching it, unless I’m momentarily distracted by the hair and makeup. Yes, I am embarrassed for the women who allow themselves to be exploited by other high powered women who look like they do, and work for the same company, just in a different capacity. But, for me to not watch it would mean that I would be choosing to be ignorant about the trappings and role models that our young people are being given, and not have a clue about how to counter it. In essence, we’ve got to know what is going on to fight against it.

This morning I started to reminisce about the influences I had when I was a teenager, some were raw and grimy when trying to tell a story about the poor social environments they came from. However, most were consistently positive. Even the ones that were full of sex and melodrama starred college kids, professionals in the work place, or business owners. It was pretty obvious what you should be aiming to become to be considered a person who contributed to society. Yet, these days materialism is the main star of the show, with the supporting characters being women who choose to get it by any means necessary. These means seem to never require an education, articulation, respect for yourself or others, or an awareness of how to settle disputes   without threatening or putting your hands on someone.

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(Photo : VH1)

I find these images discouraging because even though I have been an adult for some time, it can still be a challenge not to rationalize that behaving like that is normal, especially if I have a favorite personality on the show. This is simply because this behavior is broadcasted so heavily that it can easily be viewed as the standard. This “ratchet” world is dominating the way we will eventually begin to assess what behavior is appropriate or not. The truth is that while that may be the only world that gets attention, in the real world we live in, acting in that manner will get you locked up, put out, expelled, or fired. Atleast the cast of basketball wives seems to be somewhat younger in age, while other popular reality shows boast the ages of women who look good for being in their mid to late forties, yet still act a fool. And, let’s not even talk about how it’s damaging other people’s perceptions and expectations of how women conduct themselves and treat each other.

If we didn’t look closer we would think that these women are calling all the shots with their expensive clothes and fancy cars, but really they are dependent on the people that are in charge. True independence makes you assess what impact certain actions can have on the rest of your life. If we really think about it alot of these women are being used and may not feel they have too many options. Either they did not plan out what their future would look like before coming to the show, and they have to settle for being depicted in this manner. Or, they have more than enough, but have decided to completely sell out or more material goods.

The only way to seriously combat this epidemic of glamorizing these shows and the behavior is to do it one person at a time, so they will know not to believe the hype and realize that better is expected of them. If you haven’t done so, or have been contemplating about mentoring our youth, I think now is a perfect time.

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Rachel Bryant Lundy

Rachel Bryant Lundy

2 Replies to “SLAM Dunk for Nonsense: The Impact of Basket Ball Wives”

  1. When People watch Basketball Wives they Co-sign Racheted behavior and are Seen a Nigger by Society!!!!! Black Women have sunk to a all time low!!!!! It truely said that a People Who were once Kings and Queens and now they ate nothing. Black Women are setting a Poor example for the next generation!!!!! It is truely sad, but for those Who want to live the European version of the American Dream, they are just paying their Karma.

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